Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Hallidays new listings

James Halliday's Wine Companion 2006 has 172 new wineries listed, of these about half are using varieties which can be regarded as alternetive (all bar one are also growing mainstream varieties)

The following varieties are being used by the newbies

Barbera (4 new wineries are using this variety), Carina (1), Chambourcin (5), Chenin blanc (4), Cinsaut (1), Colombard (1), Corvina (1), Dolcetto (1), Durif (2), Gamay (1), Gewurztraminer (7), Grenache (21), Lagrein (2), Malbec (7), Marsanne (3), Meunier (3), Mourvedre (9), Muller Thurgau (1), Muscadelle (1), Petit verdot (6), Pinot Grigio (16), Rondinella (1), Roussanne (1), Sangiovese (9), Taminga (2), Tarrango (1), Tempranillo (4), Verdelho (14), Vermentino (2), Viognier (16), Zinfandel (1)

These and many more varieties will all be described in my forthcoming book Emerging Wine Varieties of Australia.

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