Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Jancis Robinson - Dr Sherlock Smart unravels a grape mystery

I am currently researching a book on Emerging Varieties and have been harassing winemakers for interesting facts and snippets. Ian Adams of Bago Vineyards alerted me to the existence of a variety called Moschata Paradisa or 'Saints vine" which has a very colourful history. Bago Wines are growing the variety in the Hastings River region of Northern New South Wales.

Dr Richard Smart was responsible for sorting out the identity of the wine using a potent blend of historical research, ampelography and some luck. Despite the efforts of fierce dog in a Chilean backyard Richard finally got his answer. You can read a full account of this ripping yarn in an article by Jancis Robinson.

Jancis Robinson - Dr Sherlock Smart unravels a grape mystery: "Moschata Paradisa"


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