Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Emerging varieties being sought and found

Vinodiversity is currently compiling a guide to wine produced from new and renewed grape varieties in Australia. The guide will take the form of a paperback book, and as a downloadable electronic book (ebook). It will be distributed widely both in Australia and internationally through a number of channels including the leading online bookseller Amazon.com

Emerging Varietal Wines of Australia will cover about a thousand wineries who are producing wine from about 100 different 'alternative' grape varieties. The aim of the book is to provide a guide for the growing number of wine consumers who are looking for information about innovative wines.

As part of the project I have turned up some interesting new wines, including one without a name.

Rimfire Winery in Queensland are producing wine from a block of old vines which are defying all attempts to identify the variety. So they've called the wine 1893 after the year the block was planted.

You can see more about the forthcoming book here


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