Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show November 2005

The Show is on again in Mildura this year when all of the work by the visionaries, pioneers, and innovators innovators will be put on show. The best and the latest wines from the new and exciting varieties will be judged. Growers and winemakers will see where they stand and get a chance to share ideas and experiences about the creative edge of the Australian Wine Industry.

Entry forms and payments are due by 23rd September.

Details of Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Andrew Peace Wines Vintage 2005

Andrew Peace Wines have just completed their first vintage of Umbrian red wine variety Sagrantino.

Andrew Peace Wines Vintage 2005

There's no R in wine: WA Winemaker breaks out of the Varietal mold

WA winemaker David Hohnen is the subject of this item in the Age Epicure on 14/6/05

The new McHenry Hohnen wine label in the Margaret River Region is now marketing a range of varieties and blends which are right in the spirit of Vinodiversity - marsanne, sangiovese, graciano, zinfandel, grenache and mataro.

See the full article.

There's no R in wine - Epicure - Entertainment -

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Viticulture and Environment by John Gladstones

Viticulture and environment by John GladstonesThis is simply the best book about the role of climate and environment in determining wine quality. Sure, it's a bit technical, but the sparkling prose makes it a pleasure to read. An instant classic by the man who identified Margaret River as a suitable spot to plant a vineyard. A book for scientists, viticulturalists, winemakers and the discerning wine consumer.

Viticulture and Environment by John Gladstones

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Don't forget the tasting at Jwow!

On thursday night the first Vinodiversity tating will be held at Jwow. Se post of 26 May for details.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Statistics show trends to alternative varietals

ACNeilsen market research have put out a press release detialing the changing market for Australian wines. Shiraz is on the rise, cabernet iis declining while the market shares for other reds and other whites are growing.

They also note that the growth in riesling sales has slowed while that of rose are picking up pace.

While sales are still dominated by the classic varieties considerable growth is noted among alternative varieties.

Australia is becoming a far more diversified wine drinking nation than ever before, says Michael Walton, Associate Director, ScanTrack Liquor, ACNielsen Australia. It's been an ongoing trend that we are drinking better quality wines, but now we're seeing a move to wines which in the past were widely unknown by most consumers.

Sip into something more comfortable: Press Release

Which variety will be the next shiraz?

Inspired by a recent winery Newsletter saying
"is Durif the Next Shiraz" I decided to commit a few of my ruminations to silicon. You can read all about it and make a comment on the Vinodiversity site via the link below.

Which variety will be the next shiraz?

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Vous ditez Syrah, I say Shiraz, Mais non!

Our wonderful friends the French have spent the past few decades telling other people what they can and cannot call their wine. But they seem to have shot themselves in the foot trying to imitate Aussie Shiraz!

Independent, The (London): Wine: A grape by any other name