Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Penfolds grange specialist

There is an active secondary market for Australia's iconic Grange.

This wine is sought after by collectors and winelovers alike.

See the online store of reputable online store at this Penfolds Grange reseller

You can see the comments of previous customers, and be assured of straight dealing as the store is hosted by eBay, a company that values its reputation.

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Monday, November 03, 2008

Wine Auction Recommendations

I've just updated my Wine Auction Page.

There's more information about why I think buying wine this way is safe and fun.

I have had a try with Ebay recently and discovered their eBay Stores service. Wine merchants (and other sellers) set up an online Store and sell their wine, either as fixed price "Buy it Now", or as a traditional auction.

There is a huge advantage to buying wine online this way. eBay maintains a massive feedback program. Buyers can check out the credentials of sellers. The scammers and rip-off merchants don't stand a chance.

I found one standout store in Australia, Tassie in fact, but they will send your wine for a very reasonable rate. They get feedback from about 70 customers each week! And it is 100%.

Visit this highly rated eBay Store.

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