Thursday, May 26, 2005

Varietal wine tasting

Vinodiversity, along with its good friends at the Jwow wine bar is holding a tasting of some exciting varietal wines on Thursday 9th June, from 5-30 8-30pm. About 10 varietals will be on show. I can guarantee that there will be at least one variety there that you have never tasted. I reckon if you have tried more than five you will be in the expert class.

Jwow is at 243 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. It's quite close to the Swanston Street entrance to the State Library. The bar is tucked into a cosy location and is a bit hard to spot until you are right on top of it. So come along and broaden your experience.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see that Each state has its alcohol regulation agency and maintains the right to limit wine shipments entirely or partially. I saw this on wine country basket is this true ?

10:05 AM  

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