Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Petit verdot hot to trot!

Petit verdot: a new role in Australian winemaking

Petit verdot is the subject of an article in a recent issue of Australian Gourmet Traveler Wine. In its native Bordeaux the variety is used as a minor component in some blends. In fact it is one of only five varieties permitted in the Bordeaux Appellation. But Petit verdot has a problem ripening in such a moderate climate. In many areas of Australia there is no such problem. Some great wines are being produced and enthusiasts see it as the ideal variety in those areas that are a bit warm for Cabernet sauvignon. See for yourself. On the Petit verdot page on the Vinodiversity site you will find more about this new variety and a list of some of the wineries who are producing Petit verdot wine.


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