Monday, June 21, 2004

James Joyce's favourite tipple

The centenary of Bloomsday, 16th June 1904, bought about an odd twist for Vinodiversity. While celebrating the event in downtown Sandycove Ireland, I discovered a red and a white wine for sale (It being Ireland there was a drop of the black stuff about as well.) Joyce's grandson Stephen is jealously and litigiously guarding the family name and copyright, but an enterprising Swiss maker is marketing the wines Fendant de Sion (white)and Dole de Sion red emblazoned with the title Cuvee James Joyce. Joyce's views on the white are certainly recorded, he is reported as saying that the Fendant was his favourite wine.

The story goes that Joyce was sharing a drop of Fendant with his friend he dubbed the wine Archduchess piss.

The wine as served to the revelers on 16 June 2004 was a light bodied and pleasant drop with subtle flavours, ideal for a sunny afternoon. And the variety - the out of fashion Chasselas, now sadly all but disappeared from the Australian winemaking scene.


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