Tuesday, December 06, 2005


This variety is moving from being 'alternative' to 'mainstream.' There are now over 160 wineries making wine from Viognier. Many are using it in co-pigmentation with shiraz, but many are using it to make varietal wines, or in blends with other RHone varieties

See who is using Viognier


Blogger Ed Charles said...

Snap. I'm about to post on Viogner today after an afternoon of propaganda from yalumba at the new Longrain in melbourne. Have to say it does go quite well with the Thai inspired food.

2:16 AM  
Anonymous bernie said...

Hi there. I'm interested in australian red wine and would like to get some local help & advice. I've met some local people via this australian red wine site but do you know of any others where I can meet local people?
Many thanks

2:14 AM  

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