Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Free Chivas for Christmas

Now you know you need to stock up for the festive season. Especially some bubbly perhaps...or make sure you have plenty of good cheer for the inevitable unexpected guests. Here is a link to get yourself a special delivery of a couple of dozen bottles of wine with a free bottle of Chivas thrown in... Or you can have a box of Heinekin for those warm afternoons.

Just use this link and click on the email specials. You will have a choice of several packs of sparkling whites, sparkling reds, still reds, whites, and roses, from the budget priced through to the premium class wines. Join the email specials list and you can have a bargain with a freebie for the holiday season and special offers all year.

Here's that link again!


Anonymous bernie said...

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Many thanks

1:58 AM  

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