Saturday, January 19, 2008

Victorian Wine Regions Showcase

I've put up the program for the Victorian Wine Regions Showcase Series. These events are held on the first Wednesday and following Thursday of each month at the Atrium in Federation Square Melbourne.

Each showcase features a particular region on cluster of regions. Wineries from the regions(typically 15- 30 wineries per month) set up stalls. As a visitor you are able to visit the virtual cellar doors of all of these in the course of the evening. You get a chance to talk to the winemaker, taste the wines and buy or order some. Most have a free mail list you can subscribe to.

When you register for your tasting glass you are give a voting slip to vote for the best wine in the people's choice awards.

the atmosphere at these events is generally good. It is a great way to improve your wine knowledge and meet other winelovers at the same time.

I go every month. See you there, drop by my stall for a chat.
Victorian Wine Regions Showcase Program for 2008


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