Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fino - a masterpiece wine at rock bottom prices

Sherries of all types are much misunderstood wines. Although they are fortified, they are in fact quite low in alcohol, about 15% - close to the aclohol content of many of the reds and whites you are now drinking.

Fino sherry is represented by the ubiquitous Tio Pepe, but it seems that it is NEVER served correctly.

Try a Fino this way...

1. Put an onopened bottle in the fridge for at least an hour.
2. Meanwhile assemble a few tapas. A couple of slices of Spanish jamon (or proscuitto, and a few olives or salted nuts. Maybe some tapenade on a sliced bread stick, but don't go overboard - the focus is on the wine.
3. Open the wine and serve it with the tapas.
4. If you and your newly converted friends don't drink the whole bottle, recork it and put back in the fridge. Drink the rest in the next couple of days, just as you would any other white wine.

I promise, if you try a Fino this way you will change your mind about this wonderful drink. (The top end Aussie sherry styles are an astonishing bargain at $20-30 per bottle.)

My friend Steve De Long has written a beautiful informative article about fino. Follow this link, and click on NEWSLETTER.

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