Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Wine News

The long awaited launch of the new newsletter Vinodiversity News has finally happened. Issue no 001, October 2004 is now on every thinking drinking persons computer. (well, not quite every)

Did you get yours? - You can get it FREE by following the link below.

What is the catch? - There isn't one. Vinodiversity needs to build its readership and hits. You will not be pestered to buy anything. You will get a monthly email newsletter that you can browse or delete as you wish. You will get no spam and your email will be safe.

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Blogger Darby said...

Hey, anybody can comment here, either anonymously or as a blogger. All feedback gratefully received.


8:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Darby....not sure if you will get this message...I do not have a username and password on this blog thing...good luck with your site. I hope you are getting lots of certainly have some good content in Vinodiversity. Being a Maragret River resident I was particularly interested in your review of that area. I am a fellow SBI user...cheers Aidan M

2:45 AM  

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