Thursday, August 19, 2004

Coming soon! Vinodiversity News

Vinodiversity News is on its way. Your last chance to sign up and be among the select few who can say they have the special gold plated first edition of this prestige addition to the wine press.
You will also get

  • a monthly summary of what's happening with diverse wines
  • pointers to hot new wines from hot new varieites
  • news about wine on the web
  • an update of progress in the building of Vinodiversity
  • an easy way to tell me to buzz of if you are no longer interested

You will not get

  • spam. My web host has bulletproof antispam policies and in fact is a leader of an effective grass roots anti spam campaign
  • your email box stuffed with dodgy offers

So get in before 31 August and you will be the proud (virtual) owner of Issue 001 of Vinodiversity News.

Subscribe now
or you will only be a chance for the silver plated second editon (due out in October)


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