Saturday, August 14, 2004

88 wine varieties

The purpose of Vinodiversity is to spread the word about alternative wine varieties. What varieties? Well there are hundreds of varieties throughout the world. So far I have identified about ninety or so that are grown commercially in Australia. Eighty eight is a good number to land on. 8 of course is a very auspicious number in the Chinese culture. So I have called my page 88 wine varieties. You can of course make comments to this Blog, and tell me I am wrong. But I'm sticking to 88 until the number gets to 888.

Some other numbers
. There sixty-one wine regions in Australia, numbered by James Halliday from 1 to 56. He cleverly inserts 12a, 19a, 39a, 39b and 55a to get them all in. Vinodiversity will eventiually provide a guide to alternative varieties in all of them. The list has just started, you can watch progress at Wine regions. Better still, why not subscribe to the Vinodiversity Newsletter
Halliday lists 1865 wineries in his 2005 Wine Companion, a difficult number to pin down. But I think about 400-500 of these are making wine from alternative varieties.

88 wine varieties


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