Friday, August 17, 2007

Viognier - no longer a fad!

When I started out with Vinodiversity I had to decide just what varieties were "alternative" and what were mainstream. I adopted, with a few modifications the definition used by the Australia Alternative Varieties Wine Show. Viognier is still on their list as "alternative" and it is on mine as well.

But is it still an alternative variety? Even given Viognier's dual role as a varietal and as a copigmentation partner with Shiraz you could argue that the variety has become mainstream.

Vinodiversity's listing of Australian Wineries using the variety now has 300 plus entries. My guess is that somewhere between a third and a half of these wineries are making a dry white viognier wine, the others are using it just with Shiraz. I haven't collected any hard data on this.

See the list of 300 wineries with Viognier and let me know if missed any.

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