Monday, January 09, 2006

Don't let the heat beat you!

Or your wine!

These days of forty-something temperatures can create havoc if you are just storing wine in the back cupboard.

There are solutions, some cheap, some outrageously expensive. If you want to find out what works and what is not worth the money you need some background information.

Chris Miley's ebook 'Build Your Own Cellar' is one of the best resources available, even if you don't eventually go out and dig a hole in your backyard.

In fact the book is a complete reference to wine storage, from chosing wines to cellar, cork issues, humidity, cost efficiency of wine racks, etc, etc.

So for the cost of just a couple of bottles you can have all the theory and practical knowledge you need... And if you buy this book, you will get a couple of bonuses as well.

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